1. MSW and MSW/MSW series gearbox in the packaging industry
    • We recommend first of all our worm and double worm gearboxes for packaging machines. They are available in a very wide speed range and have a lifetime lubrication, so they are completely maintenance free
  2. MSA series gearbox for mixer machines
    • We recommend for mixer machines in the food, chemical, pharma, construction, cosmetics, water and wastewater industry depending on the requirements following gearboxes:
      MSW gearboxes: recommended for materials with low viscosity
      MSF and MSR gearboxes: they are heavy duty.and thus suitable for general homogenization purposes. They are recommended for materials with medium and high viscosity
  3. MSW and MSK series gearbox for conveyors. Both gearbox types are ideal for material transport. This can be even in a mine or on a power plant or it can be a simple automation task with flexible construction or fine machining. In special cases we recommend our MSF and MSR series, too.
  4. MSK and MSF gearboxes for kilns. Compared to the former chain and gear wheel versions our gearbox solution allows a much more energy-efficient operation in klins. Besides that the operating noise is reduced significantly with our gearbox solution.
  5. Our heavy duty MSK and MSF gearboxes can be used in cement and asphalt mixers. These gearboxes tolerate extreme operating conditions and heavy duty without any problems, can bear high water and dust exposure as well as dynamic effects.