Our company

Our company’s traction products include electric motors. In addition to single-phase and three-phase electric motors, we also offer DC, braked and explosion-proof electric motor types, and our repertoire also contains vibration motors, Dahlander and other two-speed electric motors. We have a large stock of most types of electric motors, so the customer service is available immediately.

The Morgensen brand stands for quality and reliability. We highly recommend our IE3 premium and IE4 super premium efficient, high-quality electric motors to all our partners, and we can say with confidence that our products are reliable. Electric motor made exclusively from quality materials and modern technology, which complies with all relevant EU standards and regulations. Our electric motors with B3 base, B14 small and B5 large flanges, as well as their combinations, have withstood the toughest conditions in many areas of the industry. In order to prove how confident we are in the quality of our electric motors, a period of 2 years of guarentee is provided  after each electric motor is sold.