Worm gear reducer

Power: 0.09 – 15 kW
Torque: 13 – 1100 Nm
Speed Ratio: 7,5 – 100
Note: base type, flange type 

  • Have a cast iron housing from height 110
  • The gearboxes from height 25 till 105 have a lifetime lubrication and are filled with synthetic oil so they are completely maintenance free.
  • The closed housing ensures an operation without oil corrosion.
  • The tempered and smoothed roller pin is extremely low-wear which ensures a long lifetime
  • Oil sealing with doubled lips on the input side of the roller pin
  • Instead of the conventional paper sealing O-ring sealings are used
  • All worm gearboxes have inside and outside an anticorrosive painting
  • Gear ratio: i=5-10.000, up to i=100 in one stage
  • Loading capability: P=0.06-15 kW

Product explanation

  1. Features: good appearance due to aluminum alloy shell, compact structure, small size, smooth transmission, low noise, and convenient maintenance.
  2. Installation and output types: base type, flange type, torsion arm type installation, output through hollow or solid shaft, or directly by worm.
  3. Input type: coupled-type motor, input through flange and solid shaft, speed reducing ratio: 7.5-100.